Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean around the Irish coast is a little known technique to most fishermen.

These waters are rich with large numbers of species of fish, all of which are caught with different fishing techniques.

Pollack, Wrasse, Spigole, Coalfish, Tope, Blue shark, are just some of the species caught by the fishermen who want to experiment with this vast and wild environment.

Blackbay offers its guests the possibility to dedicate one or more days to try this fascinating technique out : a fun day, full of high emotions, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes!

Whether it’s a day fishing from the coast or a day on the boat, there will certainly be plenty of catches and lots of fun!

BlackBay Lodge, your pike fishing holiday in Ireland!
A lodge with a panoramic view of lough Derg, professional fishing guides, state-of-the-art equipment, and all the comforts and experience to better enjoy a fishing holiday.