Pike fishing

Irish waters are home of a large number of trophy pike. The perfect climatic conditions, the large amount of baitfish, the vastness of the area and the low fishing pressure create an extremely favorable environment for the life and the growth of exocides.

BlackBay fishing guides have been working in this context for many years, accumulating an important wealth of experience and a thorough knowledge of the territory and its waters.

Over the years the objective has been to search for and catch large pikes, both with spinning and fly fishing; the techniques, strategies and equipment are constantly being improved, in order to always guarantee an excellent quality of fishing.

The surrounding water system is very complex and the fishing spots available to the fisherman are all different:

  • Lough Derg, the second largest lake in Ireland, with its 118 km² surface, is undoubtedly the main and most interesting spot for searching trophy pike;
  • Shannon river, the main irish waterway, that forms the lough Derg entering the northern part of the lake and goes out in the southern part flowing into the Atlantic Ocean;
  • Lakes of small and medium size, to be fished by small boat or bellyboat, a valid alternative of fishing larger environments;
  • Small waterways, to be fished exclusively by bellyboat; very wild and untouched environments that can hide some pleasant surprises.

BlackBay Lodge, your pike fishing holiday in Ireland!
A lodge with a panoramic view of lough Derg, professional fishing guides, state-of-the-art equipment, and all the comforts and experience to better enjoy a fishing holiday.